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Thursday 28th July 2022

North Norfolk

Wednesday 13th July 2022

Wales Day 4

Friday 1st July 2022

Wales - Day 3

Sunday 26th June 2022

Wales - Day 2

Friday 24th June 2022

Wales - Day 1

Friday 17th June 2022

Some new garden visitors

Monday 13th June 2022


Friday 20th May 2022

A more interesting week.

Monday 16th May 2022

Not much to report

Monday 2nd May 2022

Frampton Marsh RSPB - again

Wednesday 20th April 2022

Cley Marshes NWT Norfolk

Thursday 31st March 2022

A trip to the Brecks

Tuesday 15th March 2022

A lifer

Monday 28th February 2022

Back to the Norfolk coast

Friday 18th February 2022

West Suffolk for a change

Thursday 17th February 2022

Failure followed by success.

Saturday 5th February 2022

What a week for good weather.

Saturday 22nd January 2022

The beginning of a new year

Friday 14th January 2022

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Friday 1st July 2022

Sunday 5th June, still in the Rhayader area, starting off back at Gilfach Farm NR but the Wood Warblers just did not play ball. Weather was cloudy and showery so not surprising.

Just one photo from there was a Song Thrush singing it's heart out in the rain - distant but worth a shot anyway.

We drove to the Elan valley but nothing was really showing and it was rarther too dark for comfort among the trees anyway.

We had booked a session in the tower hide at Gigrin Farm, the Red Kite feeding station, for the afternoon. Choosing the tower hide was an inspiration as it was still cloudy and dull although not raining. Any lower hide would have meant shooting upwards into a grey sky - one of my real dislikes but at the height we were, we could keep the field and surrounding trees in the background - much more attractive.

After they dive down to pick the food from the ground, they feed on the wing.

One of the highlights was a leucistic bird - one that has no colour in the plumage - but still a very attractive bird and the first of this species I have seen.

Sorting out the 2500 or so shots has been a real challenge but, overall, I was pleased with them.

After that, it was all downhill. We left Rhayader to  drive to Cwmbran for some sessions in a woodland hide and night-time shots of Tawny Owls. Not to be. The first night there were few visits by the Owls and I did not manage one successful shot.

During the night, I could feel an infection coming on so we had to drive home early for me to urgently get some antibiotics. What a disappointment for us both.

Still, come the Autumn, we intend to go back to Cwmbran and hope that it will be more successful.