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Not everything goes to plan

Tuesday 13th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 4

Sunday 11th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 3

Saturday 10th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 2

Friday 9th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 1

Thursday 8th July 2021

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Tuesday 13th July 2021

Not everything goes to plan

After the reasonable successes during the trip to Yorkshire, two recent trips did not end as well as I would have liked.

First was a trip to Horn Mill Rutland for the Ospreys. Horn Mill is a working trout farm  that was being plagued by Ospreys from nearby Rutland Water looking for an easy meal. So, in conjunction with the wardens from Rutland Water, the owners decided to net all but one of the ponds, leaving the largest open, built a hide for 6 people overlooking it and started to operate session for photographers to photograph the fishing birds.

I first went there a couple of years ago - not an Osprey in sight. This time I was more hopeful. During the wait. I tried to photogrpah the Swallows coming in to drink. Partial success.

The windless day had gradually turned to a light southerly wind - not a good sign as the hide faced south so any birds would land and take off into the wind - away from the hide.

Surprisingly, a Red Kite checked it out, seeing a dead fish in the surface. A successful dive for the fish away from the hide unfortunately so not the best photos.

Then the spotter called for an Osprey overhead, very high. Without warning, it suddenly dived, coming in from behind the hide. The first dive was not successful.

It flew round

and again came in from behind for a second and successful attempt but still going away from us.

No further action so some photos but not what I really wanted.

With a few hours to spare, on 8th July, I decided to go to Welney reserve. I would have liked to have improved my catalogue of flight shots of House Martins and Swallows - not to be. The clouds came in and only cleared after 4.00pm when the reserve closed early due to lack of visitors. The base of the observatory is now open for photography - basic and too much foliage in front of it but worth a try.

A few Black-tailed Godwits were feeding although not close.

Tried some flight shots with but limited success due to the cloudy conditions.

House Martin

and Sand Martin

Any Swallow shots were just not up to standard so binned.

Three juvenile Shelduck were feeding in front of the hide

as were a  family of Moorhens.

Not the most attractive fledglings I have ever seen. With the reserve closing early, it was time to go home - another rather disappointing day.

Sunday 11th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 4

Friday and time to go home. On the way we called in at two new reserves for me just to see what was around.

North Cave Wetlands. A surprising subject was a Black Swan. A native of Australia but there are a few around the UK , mainly the East Coast, presumably escapees from collections. Many would consider them to be 'plastic', a term meaning unnatural but a beautiful bird never-the-less and, in my view, one worth switching the camera on for.

With nothing else of interest, we moved on to Potteric Carr near Doncaster. By this time, my knee was beginning to complain with all the usage over the last few days so I could not walk too far. As a result, the only item of interest was a distant pair of Roe Deer, mother and fawn that, I think, made a pleasing image among the foliage.

With nothing else of interest, after a coffee on the terrace, we made our way down the A1 and home.

Overall, a very pleasant and fruitful few days.

Saturday 10th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 3

Thusday 10th June 2021. An early start again for Bempton Cliffs. It was very busy yesterday so we decided to stay until 11.00 or so.

A close Razorbill performed a wing-flap.

and a Guillemot that was much closer than yesterday.

We were surprised that there was a total absence of Puffins yesterday but not today. It seemed that they had only just turned up. One was frantically calling, probably for it's mate.

A pair were bill touching in greeting until an intruder decided to gatecrash the party

only to be seen off in no uncertain terms.

Razorbills were being very co-operative for flight shots.

With it getting too busy for comfort, we returned to Thornwick Pools. The Little Ringed Plover was still there.

and an Oystercatcher was bathing.

and the only other event was a Roe deer appearing with a young fawn in tow although a heat haze ruined many of the photos.

Moving back to Bempton Cliffs, with it being much quieter, I concentrated on flight shots with some success.

Altogether an enjoyable and fruitful day.



Friday 9th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 2

Wednesday 9th June. We began at Bempton Cliffs. We had been warned that it was very busy so we arrived at 8.00am, and intending to leave at 11.00 to 11.30 to avoid the crowds.

The noise for the seabird colony I found quite amazing, even though I had been there some years ago. I decided to concentrate on the nesting birds that were close to the viewing platform




and Gannets

Surprisingly, no Puffins - a real disappointment.

Leaving later, we moved to a new reserve for me - Filey Dams. Quite a bit of activity of common birds so it was a challenge to take interesting shots.

Cananda-Goose with cygnets

mating Shelducks

and loafing Great Black-backed Gulls

There was a small colony of Tree Sparrows - I could not resist a shot of one that ahd just bathed.

Mid-afternoon, we returned to Bempton Cliffs to a different viewing platform to concentrate on the Gannet colony.

and the odd Razorbill.

There was so much activity that I found the concentration not to miss anything rather tiring so back to the B & B and dinner to prepare for tomorrow.

Thursday 8th July 2021

East Yorkshire Day 1

It has been over a month since my last blog -  very busy month compounded by the fact that early June, I spent four days with friends in East Yorkshire, mainly concentrating on the seabird colonies at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

The first day, 8th June, was spent travelling in the morning and in the afternoon, mainly at a small reserve close to our B & B, Thornwick Pools. A little Ringed Plover was on show, bathing in full view.

Then a quick visit to Flamborough Head and the first connection with Gannets.

We decided to call it a day then and start early in the morning.