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Thursday 28th July 2022

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Friday 24th June 2022

Since day 1 at South Stack RSPB was not entirely successful due to the hoards of people, we started off day 2 at 8.30 am in the car park, hoping for more luck. Weather was cloudy with occasional breaks of sunshine so with nothing showing around the car park we walked to Ellin's Tower which was closer to the cliffs.

Loads of Guillemots and Razorbills but too distant to photograph but there was good views of the lighthouse. A pro photographer once said that you should envisage an image and then try your best to get it. My image was a gull floating over the lighthouse, all in sharp focus - patience finally rewarded.

So it is only a Herring Gull but you get the idea!!!

We then moved round to the lighthouse steps - all 400 of them if we had gone to the bottom (which we didn't but still most of them). The only reward was a distant Chough with young.

By mid morning it was getting very busy again, so we moved further along the coast to Cemlyn Bay. This was amazing with a wide shingle spit into the sea enclosing a lagoon with a couple of islands and a colony of nesting Terns. The weather continued from the morning but with a strong off-sea breeze to add to the problems.

The birds were slightly too distant for comfort so  a 2x conveter was required for the islands, not ideal with a strong breeze. There was the odd Arctic tern flying past to feed in the bay behind us

but the main colony was Sandwich Terns - hundreds of them, flying past us to the bay and then returning to feed the mates sitting on the nest in the foliage.

They were slower flying out into the wind but keeping very low to the ground and the sea but returning at speed with the wind behind them - a real test of my reaction speed.

Once, something spooked them, putting most into the air.

and other were quietly bathing

and then drying out.

Anyway, a very enjoyable afternoon - more photos in the Recent Additions section.