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Friday 9th July 2021

Wednesday 9th June. We began at Bempton Cliffs. We had been warned that it was very busy so we arrived at 8.00am, and intending to leave at 11.00 to 11.30 to avoid the crowds.

The noise for the seabird colony I found quite amazing, even though I had been there some years ago. I decided to concentrate on the nesting birds that were close to the viewing platform




and Gannets

Surprisingly, no Puffins - a real disappointment.

Leaving later, we moved to a new reserve for me - Filey Dams. Quite a bit of activity of common birds so it was a challenge to take interesting shots.

Cananda-Goose with cygnets

mating Shelducks

and loafing Great Black-backed Gulls

There was a small colony of Tree Sparrows - I could not resist a shot of one that ahd just bathed.

Mid-afternoon, we returned to Bempton Cliffs to a different viewing platform to concentrate on the Gannet colony.

and the odd Razorbill.

There was so much activity that I found the concentration not to miss anything rather tiring so back to the B & B and dinner to prepare for tomorrow.