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Keeping sane during lockdown

Thursday 28th January 2021

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Thursday 28th January 2021

Since this pandemic first hit, my wife and I have been having a daily walk for an hour or so as a replacement for a lack of gym activity. Since my knee injury, this has not been possible so I have been stuck at home since my last blog, slowly going stir-crazy.

Last Friday was a good day for weather so I decided to venture forth in the car to relieve the boredom. At the same time, I took my camera and drove to the fens. With the Ouse Washes flooded, the Welney road is impassable so traffic is very light and birds, particularly raptors, are pushed to the road side of the wash bank to feed. It is possible to drive this road by the side of the washes for a couple of miles or more and stop to take photos. This is the road that leads to the Welney Wildlife trust reserve but, of course, that was closed due to the lockdown.

First up was a female Stonechat that eventually sat on a post after giving me the run-round for a while.

A Kestrel sat on a farm barn looking for it's dinner.

Driving in to the WWT car park, a Chiffchaff showed quite well. These used to be summer migrants but overwintering is now relatively common.

and then something that made the trip worthwhile. A female Sparrowhawk, sitting on a post that allowed me to get surprisingly close.

In fact, I was able to reposition the car a couple of times to get closer until it eventually flew. Amazing.

Last Monday, I could not ignore the bright sunny conditions after a thin layer of overnight snow. So off to Fen Drayton Lakes where I should also be able to photograph without leaving the car.

Redwing were still feeding in the orchard and resonably close despite the plethora of walkers, joggers and cyclists.

and even a Fieldfare flew over although really at the edge of the range of my equipment

A Carrion Crow caught a worm.

But with more and more people arriving, I decided to move on and back to the Welney area of the Ouse Washes. The same Kestrel as before was hovering over the bank.

The Welney reserve reports that up to 7 Cattle Egrets are present. Two separate birds were feeding on the road side of the wash bank but shot over the ridge as soon as I slowed the car.

Right at the far end of the road, a small group of Red-legged Partridges showed well in the late afternoon sun.

And then a surprise. One of the Cattle Egrets totally ignored my car as I drove back so I was able to concentrate on it, with load of photos, even one with it eating a worm,

and a photo I really like, backlit against the setting sun on the top of the bank.

Not a bad day, despite my immobility. At least I have kept some sanity for a few more days.