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Tuesday 8th September 2020

The last few days of August

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Recognition at last!!!

Wednesday 19th August 2020

The last couple of weeks

Monday 27th July 2020

A disappointing day.

Monday 6th July 2020

Another week goes by!!!

Monday 1st June 2020

Lockdown continues.

Saturday 16th May 2020

April lockdown

Thursday 30th April 2020

Local bird photography

Monday 20th April 2020


Friday 3rd April 2020

Could be the last one for a while.

Wednesday 18th March 2020

We are into March already

Monday 9th March 2020

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Thursday 20th February 2020

Slimbridge WWT Gloucestershire

Wednesday 19th February 2020

To end January 2020...

Thursday 30th January 2020

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Wednesday 19th November 2014

At the local RSPB reserve at Fen Drayton, the Starling roost was attacting many visitors so on Monday afternoon, I went to check it out. The Sunday roost was estimated at around 28,000 birds, not large compared with some in the country like the Somerset Levels where up to a million have been reported, but enough to make an impression.

Starling roost are best photographed against the sun setting in a clear sky but there was cloud on the horizon that was not ideal but after a while, the birds started to fly in and wheel in the sky before diving into the reeds to roost.

There has been some discussion on the local Cambirds site about the procedures for accurately counting such flocks of birds. I will not attempt to estimate the numbers in these images, nor in this one that I took particularly to post on the Cambridge Bird Club website to see if any one would attempt it.

So far no takers.