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East Yorkshire Day 3


What a week for good weather.

Saturday 22nd January 2022

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Monday 7th June 2021

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Saturday 10th July 2021

Thusday 10th June 2021. An early start again for Bempton Cliffs. It was very busy yesterday so we decided to stay until 11.00 or so.

A close Razorbill performed a wing-flap.

and a Guillemot that was much closer than yesterday.

We were surprised that there was a total absence of Puffins yesterday but not today. It seemed that they had only just turned up. One was frantically calling, probably for it's mate.

A pair were bill touching in greeting until an intruder decided to gatecrash the party

only to be seen off in no uncertain terms.

Razorbills were being very co-operative for flight shots.

With it getting too busy for comfort, we returned to Thornwick Pools. The Little Ringed Plover was still there.

and an Oystercatcher was bathing.

and the only other event was a Roe deer appearing with a young fawn in tow although a heat haze ruined many of the photos.

Moving back to Bempton Cliffs, with it being much quieter, I concentrated on flight shots with some success.

Altogether an enjoyable and fruitful day.