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Monday 8th February 2021

Lockdownitis struck hard last week. Despite still relaltively immobile, I went out in the car to take photos, using it as a hide. OK in theory but the sites to visit are very limited in this are.

2nd February I drove to Fen drayton Lakes RSPB. The previous week, I went to try to photograph some White-fronted Geese but they were too distant and in cloudy conditions, none of the photos were worth keeping so I thought I would try again - another abysmal failiure as the water level was so high I could not drive to where they were - in fact there was nothing on show at all.

I then drove to Earith to see if the Glossy Ibis were playing ball but the bridge was flooded and closed off so that was a waste of time too. Taking the long way back home, I drove around the farm track in the Aldreth/Haddenham area, not expecting too much, but a very obliging Common Buzzard put on a show.

At least I managed to get away from the house for a spell, even if the results were not earth shattering!!!

Another sunny day on 5th so this time I headed straight for the Pymoor/Welney wash road again. Nothing much until I arrived at the far end where a group of mixed Swans were feeding not too far from the road. Ignoring the Mute Swans, the majority of the flock were Whooper Swans where a sleepy juvenile attracted my attention.

and a much rarer juvenile Bewick's Swan even posed for the camera.

Driving back, a Buzzard was sitting on a fencepost looking for worms in the pasture. Even stayed there while I turned the car round.

Very surprising. Normally Buzzards take off way before you get close but now two in a couple of weeks were approachable.

As the sun was setting, I noticed a family group of Bewick's Swans flying to roost on the washes - rather atmospheric.

Snow is now forecast for the early part of this week, in fact there is already a light dusting. Snow photos from the garden? Will think about that.