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Saturday 16th May 2020

Early in May, I left my bed far earlier than my usual time to see what I could find within walking distance of my home. Quite frankly, even at 6.:30 there were too many people around for anything of note but I did manage a shot of my first Chiffchaff of the year.

With advice that one could drive a short distance for the daily constitutional, and out at 6.00am, I drove to Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB, hoping to see something before the inevitable rush. First was a family of Mallard, concerned that I was there at all.

and shortly afterwards, a singing Whitethroat..

and  then what I thought was a Chiffchaff feeding young, until I heard it's song that was more like a Willow Warbler. Posting a photo on the Cambridge Bird Club website, it was very soon noted that it was a Chiffchaff until I explained the song. The jury is currently still out on this and a discussion on Cambirds continues.

Returning to the car, I heard the song of a Garden Warbler very close. I have wanted better shots of this species so here was the opportunity.

With the site getting very busy, I headed home to return a couple of days later, still early am.

Near the access road, I noticed a pair of Long-tailed tits feeding young.

Parking the car, I looked over Ferry Lagoon to see a couple of Common Terns squabbling over rights to perch on a buoy. I tried a backlit photo into the rising sun

and then refound that Garden Warbler.

Then moving over to the reed bed, a male Reed Bunting showed well

and even a couple of newly arrived Reed Warblers flitting about.

Even managed a flight shot.

Once again, getting busy so returned home.