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Tuesday 17th April 2018

The worst day of the week for weather. We started off at Nethie Bridge where a male Black Redstart had been reported. Quite rare in Scotland and I have never photographed a male in breeding plumage - one of the most stunning birds in my view.

Anyway, we arrived to a full blown Scottish twitch - one chap who was the local recorder. He had it in sight but distant and that was how it stayed. We managed a closer approach but it just moved away down the fence line so little to show for our efforts.

So we moved on to try to find an Amercan Wigeon that had been reported for some time to the east of Inverness. This is quite a rare vagrant from America, as the name suggests and a new species for both of us. Now black clouds, intermitent heavy gusts of wind and rain.

We parked up at the end of a track leading to a lock and there it was in front of us with three Wigeon in pouring rain but we even braved the elements. First efforts not brilliant but it got closer for a time.

It then flew off but later arrived back on the far bank with a flock of Wigeon but by now the area was getting busy with tourists and dog-walkers although the light was a little better. The whole flock took to the water so some more shots possible.

Would have been much better if the sun had come through.

They even came out on to the bank in front of us with this bird being out in the open. Just as we were taking aim, they all took off after being disturbed by a dog off the lead. Annoying.

After that, we drove around the area with no success and the weather not improving, we finally called it a day.