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Thursday 16th November 2017

To sum up, the past ten days have been hard work to find anything of real interest but that seems to be 'par for the course' from others I have spoken to. Being able to organise a trip out at this time of year to coincide with decent light is always a problem.

6th November - a visit to Woodwalton Fen - only common birds and everything distant - not really worth reporting on.

10th November - an afternoon visit to Burwell Fen where a friend had recently photographed a hunting Barn Owl late afternoon. All that I saw was a pair of hunting Kestrels, one of which was close enough to get a photo in the late sunlight.

13th November - tried the west Norfolk coast again. As many of you know, first call for me is Thornham harbour where a flock of over-wintering Twite had turned up - well not for me as they stayed in the middle of the salt marsh, too distant!!!

Next to Brancaster Staithe harbour before high tide - a close Herring Gull was just worth firing the camera up for

with the usual Turnstone being co-operative.

Then on to Titchwell RSPB. Last time I was there, the water level on the freshmarsh was too low - this time much too high. Seems they just cannot get it right.

On the salt water marsh, I caught a Little Grebe having a flyby - rather unusual as they normally dive when a human appears

and then to the beach where I arrived about an hour before high tide. The suprise was hundreds of assorted gulls, mainly Herring Gulls feeding in the surf, quite a spectacle that is difficult to do justice to without video.

There were also over a hundred of my favourite photographic subject, Sanderling, buzzing up and down the tide line, running like Olympic sprinters

suddenly stopping to feed

and also flying up and down the beach.

I have loads of photos of this species but just could not resist taking more.

Further up the beach, a flock of preening Dunlin allowed a close approach

With the light fading, I left the beach and took a few shots of a Black-tailed Godwit in the evening light.


And then the suprise of the day, just before the car park, perched on the back of a bench was a Jay. Very dark (ISO 3600 to those interested) and it stayed for a couple of minutes or so allowing some shots - very unusual as they are normally very flighty.

So, to sum up, weather good for photography but a real shortage of interesting subjects. Let's hope it improves.